Monday, May 4, 2015

For my final project, I decided to take pictures of people's tattoos. Unfortunately I could only round up 4 tattoos so I have 2 different pictures of the same ones. I chose tattoos because they are a very intimate form of art. Something that permanent usually has alot of meaning behind it. For the most part tattoos are a significant thing and I wanted to capture them in a simple form. Something subtle in black and white, next to no background information.
For some people it's always be reminded of the loved ones that you have lost. To show your respect and honor them on your body in a permanent form.
Or to remind you of where you have been. Things that you can look back to and instantly remember where you were. 
Again in this one, "Those Who Fall Are Not Forgotten" a small tribute to the people that have gone from our lives, but keeping a piece of them with us for the world to see. 

This last one says "God Natt Min Skatt" in Norwegian, when translated into english it means "good night my love". This is my tattoo. I got it because my Grandma, who was born in Norway, used to say this to me before every night. It was part of a little nursery rhyme. Every time I look down at my arm I'm reminded of not only her, but all of my family.

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