Saturday, April 25, 2015

The depth of field on this photo is kind of hard to see just cause its so dark. I wanted it to look like the moon was lighting up the street. I darkened everything except the street itself. I really like the way it turned out. Very gloomy.
It was tough to edit this photo because there was so much white, so what I decided to do was bring the levels down to make it darker. I also played around with the posterizing ability and I like how it turned out. The snow around the puck sticks out a lot more since the background is darker.
For this picture I tried not to edit it too much, I highlighted the water a little bit and darkened the rocks just so that they would pop off of each other more. I like how I was able to capture the wave hitting the rock and spraying all over it.

This motion picture was taken in Panama City. I tried to focus on the blue of the taxi passing by. I also really like to emphasize the blue light coming from the bar on the left side that meets with the orange and yellow lights from every where else. 

This is another image from Bocas Del Toro. I wanted to get a full depth of field in this image. On a sunny day in Panama the water is a gorgeous kind of turquoise colour. But since the day that this photo was taken was pretty gloomy, i tried to make it seem like a beautiful sunny day.  

For this image in the depth of field category, I tried to emphasize anything natural in the picture while leaving (for the majority) anything man made untouched. My camera doesn't focus too well though. I made the sky a brighter blue and just messed around with the colour levels a but. Then with the grass i made it more green. I also did some weird stuff to my friends arm just to accentuate it. This was taken in Boca Del Toro in Panama. This baseball field backs right up onto the airport runway. Pretty crazy thing to see.